The Best Cultural and Creative Art Education Experience

Our Inclusive 10-Day Program is designed as a prestigious academic learning experience in the Creative Arts of Western Culture combined with the exploration and adventure of our beautiful country.


Students will get the chance to enroll in one of our most prestigious and intense Creative Art Courses which is sponsored by Vancouver’s Top Prestigious and Accredited Art Academies.


Our ESL course enhances English language proficiency and academic skills while building confidence. The program combines in-depth training in core language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)


During all our excursions and adventures students will learn and experience the history of Vancouver and Canadian culture taught only by professional tour guides and lecturers.


We handle all the necessary travel requirements such as passports, visas, airline tickets, and private coaches, allowing a safe, convenient and enjoyable travel experience for all our students.


Our Homestay agency places students in a comfortable family home, offering consistent English practice with native speakers, exposure to a rich, diverse Canadian culture, and a safe environment during their stay.


Outside of their academic classes, students will experience private, fun and educational excursions to Vancouver's famous landmarks, while also participating in amazing adventures and activities.


We have been in the Tourism and Education Services industry for over 15 years and we take our responsibility towards our students safety and entire experience seriously. We strive to maintain the highest level of professionalism and family driven ethics in everything we do. We uphold the highest level of standards in our academic programs by partnering with the top academies in Vancouver. Safety and Academic Value, along with Fun and Adventure is always our main objective.


Why Vancouver?

Vancouver is a dynamic, artistic, and multicultural city set in a spectacular super natural environment.
International Influences

International Influences

Vancouver is an insanely multicultural city, and we’ve embraced this diversity as a fundamental part of our culture. Vancouver is home to the second largest immigrant population in Canada and this blend of international cultures is why Vancouver is acclaimed as such a welcoming and colourful destination for living and working.

Top Creative Art City

Top Creative Art City

From traditional galleries to urban outdoor spaces, Vancouver’s thriving art scene permeates our city. With some of the best Creative Arts schools in the country, Vancouver is running rampant with talented emerging and internationally recognized artists that call our city home. Vancouver is also labelled as "Hollywood North" With dozens of film and TV productions being filmed here instead of in LA.

Spectacular & Safe Setting

Spectacular & Safe Setting

Majestic mountains, sparkling ocean, rainforests and beautiful foliage throughout all four seasons make Vancouver one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Canadians are known for our friendly nature, and Vancouver's citizens take great pride in our welcoming, clean, safe streets - day or night, all year round.

Welcoming & Accessible

Welcoming & Accessible

Just as Vancouver welcomed the world in 2010 for the Olympic Games, we’re ready to welcome you as well! A vast multicultural population, endless activities, and excellent infrastructure, Vancouver is welcoming to all. A great walking city, Vancouver is clean, green, safe, and easily accessible!

What students say

Leo Li

Leo Li

Age: 13

This program was a great experience for me. I learned much about Art and English Language. Vancouver is very beautiful and the people are nice. I want to go to school here and live here.

Anthony Gao

Anthony Gao

Age: 17

I had SO much fun in Vancouver! The Science World was my favourite activity and the Capilano Suspension bridge was very exciting! I saw a lot of beautiful nature and animals and learned about the Native people of Canada. I cant wait to tell my friends about how much fun I had and show them photos.

Vivian Wang

Vivian Wang

Age: 16

Fashion is important to me and I really like how the Creative Art Program had a section about fashion design. I learned a lot from this program that I can use for my future and dreams in fashion.


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