Build Language Confidence

dark king forbidden riches slot In our Datia nupentin 300 10-day Inclusive Program, students will receive a 5-day ESL Course to Improve their English language skills, earn an accredited certificate and prepare for further academic studies or employment in the Canadian workplace.

English For Everyone

bull casino free bonus stertorously Our ESL course combines in-depth training in core language skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking) at eight different learning levels with an emphasis on as much 1 on 1 training possible.

Comprehensive Lessons

Our instructors are highly qualified and committed to providing a friendly and caring learning experience using an established curriculum. Our small class sizes and supportive teaching team will ensure students meet their academic goals using the english language.

Practice Your Skills

Along with the classroom workshops, our fun social and recreational activities allow students to practice their English skills while interacting with citizens in a sole English speaking environment. Additionally students are encouraged by all staff to speak english only to each other during the duration of the 10-Day Program.

What To Expect

  • Boost confidence speaking in English through fun, interactive exercises, such as role playing, interviewing, expressing opinion on a variety of current topics, etc.
ESL Classes 3
  • Learn practical, everyday English for real-life situations, such as how to make appointments, how to inform employers that they will be absent due to illness, etc.
  • Improve fluency, pronunciation skills, grammar and vocabulary that they will use in social conversations and online correspondence.
  • Become familiar with cultural norms of social communication in Canada through exploration and research strategies.

We Await You

Come join us and learn english while exploring all the fun Vancouver has to offer!

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